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The Tale of Oriana...

Oriana Peron is a drag queen who strives to entertain and inspire her audiences through her bold and captivating performances. Celebrating self-expression and individuality, Oriana is passionate about creating a safe and inclusive space for her audiences to explore their identity.

Oriana’s performances are full of energy and sparkle, making her a must-see act in the drag world. When she’s not on stage, she is also a dedicated drag educator and mentor, helping to nurture the next generation of drag performers.

All About Oriana...

Oriana Peron is a Midwest-based Drag Queen who has been performing for over 10 years and cosplaying for over 16 years. As a life-long video gamer, Oriana blends her love of gaming with her performances and cosplays. Not only does she produce and host her own shows, but her enigmatic energy and unique style draw a crowd wherever she goes.

Professionally Oriana, aside from being a host, producer, and performer, is a costume and wig designer for theatre working on many shows including having spent 8 years working with National Broadway Tours. She is also a fashion designer and has been an avid student at Indiana University for fashion design with a side focus on metalsmithing and jewelry. With her education she brings knowledgeable, well informed, panels to anime and pop conventions as part of her package.

With plans to expand her shows and tours across America, Oriana is also a fashion designer, costume designer, and wig designer. She is an engaging and artistic professional who strives to bring entertaining joy to all.

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