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Tours & Events

Check out Oriana Peron's upcoming events and tours.

Take a look at past events so you can see where she's been. 

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Anime Festival Orlando AFO Cosplay Drag Show Oriana Peron

June 16th - 18th 2023

Orlando! Oriana Peron is coming back! This time for Anime Festival Orlando. Catch her cosplay drag show, events, and panels!


May 19th - 21st 2023

Oriana is VERY excited to return to the first convention she ever went to! ACEN always has a special place for Oriana because this is where she learned of her love for conventions!

Anime St. Louis Cosplay Drag Show Oriana Peron

April 21st - 22nd 2023

Oriana Peron is bringing her cosplay drag show, events, and panels to Anime St. Louis! See you soon Missouri!


March 24th - 26th 2023Animarathon was an absolute blast this year! Oriana Peron showcased her exclusive cosplay drag show, events, and panels in Northern Ohio! Hope to see you next year!


February 3rd-5th Anime Milwaukee was a raucous good time! Oriana hosted her Drag Race and Drag show events as well as a couple panels! See you next year!

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