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Oriana in the News and Press

Our News and Press section is dedicated to keeping you updated on the latest news and press surrounding Oriana Peron. Here you can find interviews, news articles, and mentions of Oriana Peron from around the country. We strive to make sure you are up-to-date on the latest happenings and make sure Oriana Peron gets the recognition they deserve. Check back often to stay in the know on the latest news and press!


"Drag is an art form all about glamor, bombast and self-expression. The Midwest can be...quieter than that. So I sat down with three local drag performers to get to know their thoughts on the local drag scene and where they see it going. "


Featured images taken by the Indianapolis Star during one of the two shows produced and hosted by Oriana Peron at Indy PopCon.


Listed as a "notable act" for Bloomington Indiana's 2022 Pride celebration for her "Teenage Girl-Hormone Monstress" act


Check out what Oriana has to say while joining the Dating Advice Girl at Ohayocon 2019


An article from Broadway World discussing Oriana Peron's momentum within the Anime Convention community, specifically how, during the pandemic, she shifted and produced online content for conventions.


An article discussing the rising talents of Oriana Peron in the Anime Convention community and how she plans to bring her all ages LGBTQ+ entertainment to more conventions across the country.

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